Air plants
Please note that most plants are not sent in bloom. To view plants when they are not blooming please click on the flower you are interested in. A new page will pop up. Click on 'View Product Images' to see how that vaiety looks when not blooming.


Tillandsias will happily flower and put out babies 'Pups' if given enough bright light and moisture, they are just as happy in a bright kitchen window as they are hanging outside under a tree but they will require simple and consistent care when hung under a roof or in air-conditioning or heating

So hang them in a window where the light is brightest but where the plants will not get burnt by the sun. Or have them outside where they have more shade than sun. Airplants appreciate a little direct morning sun, remember to bring them indoors under 40*f and consistently water them well twice per week in air-conditioning or heating.

The most common way to attach your air plant is by gluing. For this we use ‘Liquid nails’ projects glue available at most hardware stores.