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.Easy Care Instructions for Airplants (Tillandsias)

Airplants (Tillandsias) are very hardy, easy plants to maintain and care for.

Basically they need 2 things. Bright indirect light and moisture.

They are just as happy in a bright kitchen window or on a covered porch as they are outside hanging under a tree but if they are under a roof they will require consistant watering.

Outside Airplant Care

If your airplant will be outside in a mostly shady position where it can get the rain and the mist and the morning due, it can look after itself and will only need watering when your whole garden is in draught. Spraying it down well with your garden hose will be the easiest watering method.  Remember to bring your Airplant indoors under 40*F. They do not mind the cold but will not tolerate a frost.

Outside Under a Roof Airplant Care

If your Airplant will be outside but under a roof it will require a bright position and watering/soaking once per week.

Inside with Air Conditioning or Heating 

If your Airplant is in Air Conditioning or Heating your plant will require extra care. Be sure it is near a window where the light is brightest but not in the full sun and water well twice per week. The easiest, most effective  way to water your plant is to place it in the sink and soak it with the sprayer. Or even better soak your plants completely under water, overnight, once per week.

Please Note

Airplants enjoy morning or late afternoon sun but can not handle the hot midday or full sun. 

Bright/ Indirect light + Water + Temps above 40*F = Live Flowering Airplants